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Relax. We’re here to help. We’re going to do everything we can to make you feel at home at USMD, starting with explaining our process. Here’s what you should know before you come.

Appointment Scheduling
We’ll work to find you the most convenient appointment time possible, and collect your personal and insurance information when you make your appointment, so you have less to worry about on the day of your procedure. There are two different ways your appointment can be scheduled:

  • You call us. If your doctor gave you a written order for an outpatient test or procedure, just call our Central Scheduling Department at 817-433-9110.
  • We’ll call you. Your provider may schedule your test or procedure for you. After checking with your insurance, our Central Scheduling Department will call you to set your appointment time, verify your information and discuss your financial responsibility. If you have questions before we contact you, please call the USMD Central Scheduling Department at 817-433-9110.

If your doctor has scheduled you for a surgical procedure, the Central Scheduling office will contact you to make another appointment for your preadmission testing 3 to 10 days before your scheduled surgery. This will include a review by a nurse of your medical history, and laboratory, chest X-ray and EKG as ordered by your physician.

If you can’t keep your appointment for your preadmission test or surgery, please call 817-433-9110 to let us know or to reschedule. Please tell your doctor, too.

Financial Information
After verifying your insurance and obtaining the benefits for your procedure, our Central Scheduling staff will explain your financial responsibility and payment options. You can make your payment over the phone in advance, or when you arrive for testing. USMD accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, checks and cash. You will be billed separately for any emergency room physician fees, or if any affiliate providers are consulted to administer anesthesia, or to interpret laboratory tests or radiology exams.

On your appointment date
Check in with the receptionist at the main entrance Registration Desk; it opens at 6:00am Monday through Friday. If you have not completed the registration process (signatures for consents) and met all of your financial requirements, you will be directed to Registration. If you’ve already completed your surgical preadmission testing, we’ll give you your wristband and paperwork before taking you to the Surgical Waiting Area.

Before Surgery

  • Don’t eat or drink anything after the time you are told.
  • Get a family member or friend to accompany you to and from the hospital.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that’s easy to change into after surgery.
  • Don’t wear contact lenses.

Checklist for Day of Surgery

Download Patient Checklist and Information PDF

DOCUMENTATION – Please bring the day of surgery

  • Driver’s license
  • Insurance card
  • Payment (if applicable)
  • List of allergies and medications
  • Any special information from the surgeon (e.g., X-rays, consents, orders)
  • Copy of advance directives (if applicable). (e.g., a living will or durable power of attorney)
  • Legal guardianship papers (if applicable). A parent/guardian must be available to sign all hospital-required documents. If we cannot verify legal guardianship, the procedure will be rescheduled, pending appropriate documents being provided.


  • Don’t wear make-up, hair products, body lotion or perfume
  • Shower the morning of surgery (Do not shave the surgical site but use hibiclens® if directed)
  • Leave your valuables and jewelry at home (including wedding bands and body piercing jewelry)
  • Bring your current medications in their original bottles (labeled with prescribed dosage)
  • Bring any personal assistive devices (e.g., CPAP, walker, oxygen, inhalers, etc.)
  • Bring your contact lens/glasses cases (if applicable)
  • Bring a change of clothes, extra diapers or pull-ups
  • Bring any comfort items for the child (e.g., blanket, doll, etc.)


  • Wear loose, comfortable clothes. If surgery will require a large dressing or brace/cast, please wear clothing that will be easy to get on. (Pajamas are fine)
  • You must have someone drive you home. They must be a licensed driver, age 18 or older. (This is important: if we can’t verify you have a legal aged driver, we’ll reschedule your procedure.)
  • Bring an overnight bag with toiletries (If an overnight stay is required).

Discharge and Aftercare

  • If you are having outpatient surgery, you will be discharged after a brief stay in the recovery room.
  • YOU MUST HAVE SOMEONE DRIVE YOU HOME. Do not drive or operate machinery for 24 hours after discharge.
  • At discharge, we’ll give you follow-up care instructions – please follow them closely!
  • If the services of an anesthesiologist, radiologist and/or pathologist are required, those providers will bill you separately.
  • If you have questions after surgery, call your personal physician.

Helpful Phone Numbers

Central Scheduling Department

  • Phone: 817-433-9100
  • Fax: 817-433-9299

Other providers

  • Aegis Anesthesia 888-867-3627
  • Concord Medical Group 888-264-0330
  • Envision 866-965-1093
  • Pinnacle Anesthesia 972-715-5000
  • Pro Path Radiology 800-258-1253

Physicians are independent providers and not employed by USMD Hospital at Fort Worth, LP.

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